Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicken Bok Choy Black Bean Sauce

It was awesome. Katy was very happy yesterday - she had her favorite meal - Chicken and Bok Choy and she learned that we are going on vacation to Puerta Plata in April. I literally spent all of yesterday looking at hotels and flights. We need to do this trip on the cheap - that's cheap,cheap,cheap. I found a hotel called the gran ventana for $1288 - all inclusive for three of us. That's $429 each for 8 days, seven nights. And it is beautiful and received rave reviews. We used miles 70,000 each - so I had to borrow from Amex on future purchases. Now, have to come up with way of getting the money. Of course, there will be a couple of excursions that Katy and Col with go on. Not sure if I will be able to do anything besides snorkeling. We are starting new challenge of selling stuff on craigslist. Going to take pics now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Burned Grapeleaves - learned tip from Col!

I had a few grapeleaves left so I decided to make them using the chickpea mixture. Did a great job on rolling them (have it down now Dad) and then started cooking them. Well, got involved with the computer (of course) and the water totally burned down to nothing and the grapeleaves were burnt badly as well. Wasn't worried about the grapeleaves but I thought my new pot was ruined. I had always put in dishwashing detergent with water and cooked it - but Col said to put a dishwasher tablet in the pan. I boiled it for about half hour and it cleaned the pot perfectly. The good thing about it is that it didn't boil over.

Katy had a swim meet last night and got a bad cramp - seems like she is not eating properly. I have plenty of food still to cook - shrimp, beef stew, crabcakes, chicken so I can easily make the challenge. But I have to put her first and buy food that she likes. Have to buy lots of fruit and veggies as well as more chicken,juices and gatorade. So I am going to put the challenge behind me. But it was fun.

What's important is that I learned new things - like making my own black bean veggie burgers and how to make lentil flour from lentils. Also learned how to make new dishes from things that didn't work - greek beef and pasta casserole from lousy beef stew and grapeleaves from channa masala (indian food). And with this economy - it's something we all need to do. Be less wasteful, not eat out as much and repurpose our food where we can. Thanks to all for your comments.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Col's birthday week is finally over!

Made shrimp parm (don't like) and shrimp diablo, pasta, caesar salad. Dinner was good.

Actually made the grapeleaves from the channa masala and they were great. Of course, Col and I picked on them. I am going to use up the rest of the grapeleaves and make more. Not going to cook today except for that. Cleaning ladies are coming. They always love my stove - even they can't get it clean.
We did have leftover shrimp parm - that is until Jeter decided he was still hungry. He ate them all!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Channa Masala becoming grapeleaves

The Indian Channa Masala is going to be part of the filling for grapeleaves - vegetarian. The Masala is really good and spicy but can't see eating more than a couple of tablespoons. This way I will use up at least some of the grapeleaves and make it into a dinner. Tonight is Col's bday dinner so that should be nice. Making caesar salad (had to buy the romaine) but had the anchovies (last can) parmesan cheese, evoo, dijon and worchestire.

Girls ate Chinese food - order 4 large entries and the 4 of them ate all but 1/2 of one. Where do they put it!

The unfortunate thing about grapeleaves is that they are so easy to eat that you just pick them up, they never make it to dinner...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Channa Masala, Falafel, Hummus

Had one big can of chickpeas and Katy is having friends over later since she is grounded. Don't ask!! I opened up the chickpeas to make hummus and will make Channa Masa which is chickpeas,onions, tomatoes and lots of spices and with the leftover chickpeas will make falafel. Two meals and an app. not bad for one can chickpeas.

Col trying to sabotage and may be winning

Col wanted a birthday lunch and to cancel her birthday dinner (after I went shopping). So I picked up the stuff for dinner and some juice, salad stuff and apples. Now the rest of the 30 days is no more shopping for any meat,chicken,pasta or anything else foodwise. M we have the shrimp parmigiana (I'm keeping an open mind). Katy is having friends over and I will probably ordering pizza for them. They are not going to want to eat rice and beans or beef stew which we hopefully will have. Col wants buttermilk pancakes for breakfast tomorrow - so will make those. More later...have to clean before the friends arrive.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Glad yesterday is over!

Katy was sick and vomiting at school but wanted to stay because she was swimming in 3 events. Went to her meet and she was sitting on the bench, vomitting. Then would swim and they had garbage can for her to vomit in - not pretty to watch. Came home and Col even put the tandoori chicken in the oven without burning herself. Michael came over for dinner and Brandon wanted food too! Made brown jasmine rice and dinner was a success. Then the fun - Jeter decided to pee in my livingroom. Jeter is a 80 lb dog who pees for 10-15 minutes. So, I caught him after 1 minute and the damage was already done. Not a big deal! He went out with my dogs and they were running around and Jeter ran over Duke (12 lbs). Duke started yelping and is walking on 3 legs. His back leg is hurt but not broken. And then Col decides it is too expensive to go out for her birthday dinner so she wants shrimp parmigiana with spaghetti and salad. This throws a wrench about me not going food shopping but I am only going to buy what I need for this dinner and some oj for Katy who hasn't had any in a week. Michael and his girlfriend Fran are coming over and well as Col's sons Matt and Brandon. It also needs I have to clean!! It would have much easier to go out - but it's Col's birthday. And on top of that she wants brownies...Believe me, wait until it's my birthday. I'll get even...No Benihana this time!